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Coffee Costa Rica Naranjo Altura bag of 250 g, whole bean


Origin and Plantation
Our Costa Rica Naranjo is cultivated at altitudes of between 1,200 to 1,700 m. The nutrient-rich soil, the warm climate and the excellent location in the highlands ensures a first class coffee quality. The coffee cherries are hand-selected in order to guarantee that only the finest coffee beans are chosen. The Costa Rica Naranjo is traded directly with the local plantation owners, completely without intermediates. This helps the farmers to improve their harvests, sales and prospects while it protects the environment and the natural resoures of the country.

Character and Taste
The Costa Rica Naranjo impresses with its slightly malty, nutty flavour and wonderful citrusy afternote. More than 800 different scent components are a guarantee for an incomparable taste.

In the 80s and 90s, coffee from Costa Rica lost its world-famous character due to the desired mass production. Even though the country is small and the plantations were mainly owned by small to medium-sized families, for decades coffee was produced almost entirely in large production facilities. This is why the coffee lost its unique character. Today, it is possible for small farmers to produce their own coffees and market them at a gain. The quality has thus yet again reached the high levels of old times.

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