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Coffee Nicaragua Maragogype Superior Giants, 1kg


Origin and Plantation
This coffee grows in the Jinotega region at an altitude of 1,500 m on volcanic spoil and is harvested on small Fincas. Coffee experts know that Nicaragua offers top quality coffees. In the mountainous regions, only the ripe coffee beans are harvested by hand in up to eight picking sessions. This is necessary because not all the berries ripen at the same time; on the contrary, on a single branch you may find flowers, green berries and ripe red berries.

Character and Taste
On our quest for the superlative coffee quality, we came across these outstanding Nicaragua Maragogype beans. The fascinatingly even and large beans dictated our choice of the Nicaragua Maragogype over the Mexican giant bean. The infusion fears no comparison to the Mexican Maragogype. The spicy and almost creamy Nicaraguan coffee is mainly sold to Japanese and American coffee lovers.

Nicaraguan coffees offer a large range of flavour characteristics. Some can be compared to Mexican coffees from Oaxaca, some have more acidity. Others, such as the coffee specialities from the Nueva-Segovia area, are slightly lemony and light. Traditional botanical varieties are used: Typica, Bourbon and Maragogype dominate alongside Caturra and Pacas. Maragogype coffee is particularly notable due to its constant high quality.

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Lisa soovinimekirja