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Coffee Colombia Supremo “La Ceiba” bag of 1 kg, whole bean


Our “Colombia Supremo” is cultivated and harvested in the growing region of “Huila” where it can freely grow in isolated, shady plantations far away from any foreign influence. The careful nurturing of the coffee cherries and the use of fresh, pure mountain water guarantee an absolute gourmet quality. “Ceiba” is the name of a tree that grows in the “Huila” region, a member of the sub-family of the woollen tree plants (Bombacoideae). These trees with large, palm-shaped leaves provide the necessary shade for the coffee plants.

Character and Taste
Our “Colombia Supremo” has a very impressive and fruity aroma. The combination of fine acidity and body, which is typical for Colombia, makes it an ideally balanced, gentle coffee. Our genuine “Colombia Supremo” inspires every coffee lover.

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Lisa soovinimekirja
Lisa soovinimekirja