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Address:Mustamäe tee 44/2, (Loomade kiirabi hoone, sissepääs 2, II korrus.)

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Light and Inspired, no added flavouring, taimne tee, 50g


apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, Greek mountain tea, heather blossoms, applemint, sweet blackberry leaves, lemon verbena, silver linden blossoms, peony petals, Manuka honey powder (Manuka honey, maltodextrin), poppy petals, cornflowers.

кусочки яблока, цветы гибискуса, греческий горный чай, цветы вереска, мята яблочная, листья сладкой ежевики, вербена лимонная, цветы липы серебристой, лепестки пиона, порошок меда манука (мед манука, мальтодекстрин), лепестки мака, цветки василька.

What can we learn from butterflies? First of all, you need a sanctuary and a safe cocoon in order to be able to fly lightly, brilliantly, colourfully and magnificently. Our mountain butterfly is not only beautiful to look at with its airy wings of mountain tea, linden and peony blossoms, but it also brings us cooling and refreshing notes of mild apple mint and lemon verbena. Heather flowers, cornflowers and poppies invite us to sip sweet (Manuka) honey and enjoy life to the full.


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Lisa soovinimekirja
Lisa soovinimekirja