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Address:Mustamäe tee 44/2, (Loomade kiirabi hoone, sissepääs 2, II korrus.)

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Indonesia Sumatra Pongo Bio bag of 250 g, whole bean DE-ÖKO-003


Origin and Plantation
Ketiara is a coffee cooperative run by women, formed by 1,000 members, of who 90 % are women. It was founded in 2008 and has been certified organic and fair trade since 2012. The members of Ketiara are proudly responsible for the entire value chain: they cultivate, process and export their organic coffees all by themselves. With a strong focus on social responsibility and sustainability.

Character and Taste
The highland coffee Sumatra Pongo is somewhat strong in taste and will convince you with its delicately fruity notes and slight hints of dark cocoa beans. This unique flavour is reflected in the profile of the cup and was rated by the SCA with 84 to 88 points on average.

All Arabica coffees in Indonesia are picked by hand, whether they are from small farmers or grown on large plantations. Today, more than 90 % of the coffee is produced on farms with an average area of one hectare. The most unusual method of production in Indonesia is used to create the “Kopi Luwak”. Ripe coffee cherries are eaten by civets. During the digestion the outer coats of the fruit are removed. The excreted coffee beans are collected, washed and dried.

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