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Coffee Indonesia Sumatra “Toba” bag of 250 g, whole bean


Origin and Plantation
This exceptional coffee from Indonesia is cultivated at the edge of the Toba Lake on the Island of Sumatra. The plantations are run by many small farmers, who receive a lot of support from the exporter such as interest-free pre-financing of the fertilizers needed for cultivation. In addition, other projects such as a children´s home and a vocational college for nurses are sponsored. This special coffee is produced at an altitude of approximately 1,200 m above sea level and the semi-washed process yields it its exceptional flavour. The sustainability of this wonderful coffee is traceable to the individual plantation and coffee farmer.
Character and Taste
The complex profile of the cup is ideally suited as filter coffee. Good body, fine and full flavour, slight fruit acid in the background, flowery, dark chocolate notes, spicy.

All Arabica coffees in Indonesia are picked by hand, whether they are from small farmers or grown on large plantations. Today, more than 90 % of the coffee is produced on farms with an average area of one hectare. The most unusual method of production in Indonesia is used to create the “Kopi Luwak”. Ripe coffee cherries are eaten by civets. During the digestion the outer coats of the fruit are removed. The excreted coffee beans are collected, washed and dried.

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